Connect\ kə-ˈnekt \(verb): to have or establish a rapport

Connecting with another person means you move from being ‘just another service supplier’ to someone they look forward to hearing from again.  Genuinely connecting with your clients opens the door to growth.


Both those in sales and anyone facing into clients where they are likely to meet new people


Identify what may hold you back from bringing the best of yourself to a first encounter​

Reframe your expectations of a first conversation, so that you have a clear objective and maximise the chances of achieving it​

Connect with ruthless relevance, increasing the chance of a second conversation​ and ultimately a sale

Practice and get feedback, accelerating confidence and authenticity in the real world​ and increasing your chances of selling

Take away action plans to enable in your workplace

Those who work with existing clients and want to deepen and retain those relationships for mutual benefit​


Identify the real reason why clients buy from you, and ensure you deliver it in every interaction​ in order to retain.

Demystify how to objectively build trust and make it a cornerstone of your relationship with your clients​

Segment the different levels of trust you can build with clients, adapting your approach to suit​


Explore a client meeting / conversation structure that helps you unlock your client’s needs, and how to create a solution together​

Identify clear and measurable steps in your action plan to start accelerating your relationships as soon as you’re back in the office


Those who have relationships with existing clients, who are responsible for retaining and growing those relationships​


Gain insight into the difference between re-winning contracted work and re-winning projects​

Create the basis of Account Plans that you would be proud to show your clients

Take away a plan that includes both how you drive your relevance throughout the lifetime of a contract, and how you maximise the chance of repeating a project​

Know what you need to do in order to win business across areas of your client where you don’t currently work

Explore the four fundamental areas of your clients’ plans, and how you can win in those areas, better than anyone else