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A brief thought for the day

Running virtual workshops this week, across a number of regions for a client, we were exploring how to really get the most from a client conversation where there's a potential sales opportunity.

Firstly, it comes down to what you're thinking about before you even go into the meeting. Don't deny it, we've done it too, but mostly you're thinking about:

- How much money do they have?

- When will they need it?

- Do we have the resource to deliver it?

These thoughts are all about our own agenda, not the client's. So the next time you are lucky enough to have one of these opportunities, think about:

- What do we need to find out in order to fully understand what the client needs?

- What can we bring to the table, that's of value, that the client may not have thought of, e.g. our own view of the market, our experience in this space....

And most of all, go into the meeting with the mindset of:

Listen to understand, not to respond

This truly helps you sink into the meeting and deeply connect with what the client is saying, and enables you to ask some pretty brilliant, incisive questions too.


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