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Reality has changed, what value can you add right now?

Hope everyone's keeping well.

As the world slowly moves forward, we've been busy thinking about how businesses navigate through this stark disruption. One of the questions a lot of companies are asking is:

‘When is it OK to start selling again?’

When this disruption first hit, for some it was a case of 'React - Recover', but that can leave some things to chance and the question about when to sell isn't answered.

We've therefore put together a four-step model which we're now publishing articles about on the Business Matters website that start with how to answer this question. We're hoping to bring some help and value to the massive community of SME's that read it, and I hope to my network of good people here.

The first was published yesterday about how you begin to Rethink your offer if you haven’t already (which is something that can be done at any time, not just in times of massive disruption!). The second article comes out on Friday, spelling out the eight steps of then re-shaping your offer at pace.

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