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The Me Agenda - how sales, and therefore writing about it, has evolved

Amazingly this book has been over 20 years in the making. Over 20 years of applying, learning, adapting, winning and losing in the sales game. Sales on the surface looks easy. If you contact enough people about what you do, then you are bound to find enough people that want to buy it. Right? Well sales does come easily to the lucky few that have an instinct for it, but not for everyone.

And that is what we have been developing in our careers as business developers, commercial managers, client service directors and trainers. To give everyone the ability to be great at selling, no matter how naturally it comes to them.

We started off writing the book in the style that we had grown up with. A business book that was full of ideals and the perfect way of approaching selling.

After reading our first draft we realised that we had fallen into the trap we were desperate to avoid. That was writing a book that only applies in part to the real world. It also made us realise why we only completed the first third of most the business books we have bought. After grasping the main concept the application of that concept was simply not realistic. So we went back to the drawing book and started a book that we would have loved to have had when we kicked off our sales careers. A book that:

  • Is full of practical advice

  • Has been built around simple frameworks that can be applied immediately

  • Is more of a handbook that can be used when needed

  • Talks about the realities of selling

  • Gives you lots of small steps that add up to a big difference

Over the time of writing The Me Agenda we have enjoyed watching the art of great selling continue to evolve. It is a skill that will need to continue to be adapted as technology, the economic environment and needs of businesses evolve.

However one thing will always remain true and that is that a human still makes the final decision. As humans we evolve at a slower rate than people think.

The Me Agenda is relentlessly focused on this; the human truth of how we calculate the potential value we can gain from buying products and services.

The Me Agenda is the first in a series of books that take readers through every step of the sales cycle.


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