Win (intransitive verb): to succeed in arriving at a place or a state​


Winning with your clients means that you both win – you, through your efforts and work in securing a project or agreement, and your client, in that you help them achieve their goals and ambitions.  This is about closing out the deal, so you can open up the future.

Painting an exciting future for your client
Standing out and telling a story​
Being an admired player

Those who are responsible for getting briefs from clients and prospects, and creating proposals that demonstrate why you’re the best choice​



Know how to get the right brief for both you and your client, ensuring you are both clear on the outcomes and managing expectations

Rate your existing proposals against criteria that clients use on a personal level

Communicate in your proposals why you are the best placed to help them

Explore a proposal structure that focuses on what the future will look like 

Make it easy for your client to share your proposal internally

Begin to manage scope creep right from the outset


Those who are responsible for both preparing and delivering pitches​



Understand the true purpose of a pitch for the client, and an insight into their scorecard

Know, before you even pick up a pen, how to set yourself up for success

Develop a central theme and an approach that puts it at the heart of your pitch

Create a storyboard that takes the client on a journey through the central theme

Focus on the right communication skills that encourages interaction, shows confidence and develops engagement


All those who are responsible for closing a deal​



Experience how you negotiate now, and identify your areas to dial up in order to benefit both parties

Know the situations when to sell, bargain or negotiate

Explore the behaviours that make a successful negotiator, and how to use them​

Create your negotiation variables and ranges that you can apply to any deal​

Develop a strategy to not crumble at the last minute, and deal with post agreement negotiation

Know how to close a negotiation to ensure both parties win